A BRUTAL SEASON an absolutely gripping crime thriller (Detective Sara Hirst Book 3) (English Edition)


Comprar libro online A BRUTAL SEASON an absolutely gripping crime thriller (Detective Sara Hirst Book 3) (English Edition)
Book Review: «The Girl in the Missing Poster» by Barbara Copperthwaite

«The Girl in the Missing Poster» by Barbara Copperthwaite is a captivating crime thriller and mystery that will have readers hooked from beginning to end. It’s a story of a missing girl, Lily, whose poster has been plastered all over town, and of a journalist, Rachel, who becomes obsessed with solving the case.

The book starts with the introduction of Rachel, a freelance journalist who has been struggling to find work. She stumbles upon Lily’s missing poster while waiting for a bus, and the image of the girl’s face haunts her. Rachel feels a strong urge to help solve the case and decides to investigate on her own.

As Rachel delves deeper into the case, she uncovers some shocking secrets about Lily’s family and the people who know her. She’s met with resistance and hostility from the people involved, including the police, who believe that Rachel’s investigation is hindering their own.

Copperthwaite’s writing style is engaging and descriptive, making the book easy to follow and relatable. The characters are well-developed and multi-dimensional, especially Rachel, who is portrayed as a flawed but determined protagonist.

«The Girl in the Missing Poster» tackles some serious issues such as child abuse, kidnapping, and mental illness. The author portrays these issues with sensitivity and doesn’t shy away from the uncomfortable details.

The book has plenty of twists and turns that keep the reader guessing until the very end. It’s a fast-paced and thrilling read that leaves a lasting impression.

One of the strengths of the book is the setting, the fictional town of Elmbridge, which is vividly described with its sprawling suburbs, more desolate areas, and its darker underbelly. The author provides a realistic portrayal of small-town life, where everyone knows everyone else’s business, and secrets are hard to keep.

Overall, «The Girl in the Missing Poster» is a compelling read that will appeal to fans of crime thrillers and mystery novels. It’s a page-turner that will have readers on the edge of their seat, rooting for Rachel to uncover the truth behind Lily’s disappearance.

The book is available on Kindle and in paperback, and its length is 341 pages. It’s a highly recommended read for anyone looking for a thrilling and thought-provoking crime novel.
1. ¿De qué trata A BRUTAL SEASON?
R: Es un thriller policíaco que sigue a la detective Sara Hirst mientras investiga una serie de asesinatos brutales en una pequeña ciudad.

2. ¿Quién es la autora de este libro?
R: La autora es T.J. Brearton.

3. ¿Es este libro el tercer libro en una serie?
R: Sí, este es el tercer libro en la serie de la detective Sara Hirst.

4. ¿Es este libro adecuado para todas las edades?
R: No, dado que el libro trata temas violentos y explícitos de crimen, se recomienda para lectores adultos.

5. ¿Qué opinan los lectores sobre este libro?
R: Los lectores han elogiado la trama intrigante y la construcción de personajes convincentes.

6. ¿Cuál es el lugar ambientado en este libro?
R: El libro se ambienta en una pequeña ciudad ficticia.

7. ¿Cuál es el enfoque principal del libro?
R: El libro se centra en la investigación de los asesinatos brutales mientras la detective Hirst intenta descubrir al asesino.

8. ¿Es necesario leer los libros anteriores para entender este libro?
R: No, este libro puede ser leído de manera independiente.

9. ¿Hay algún giro sorprendente en la trama?
R: Sí, el libro tiene varios giros sorprendentes que mantienen al lector interesado.

10. ¿Recomendaría este libro a los amantes del thriller policial?
R: Sí, definitivamente es un libro que los amantes del género disfrutarán.

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