Convincing the Alpha (Hobson Hills Omegas Book 8) (English Edition)

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1. What is «Convincing the Alpha» about?
Answer: «Convincing the Alpha» is the eighth book in the Hobson Hills Omegas series, and it tells the story of an omega named Max who must convince his crush, the alpha sheriff, to take him seriously and give him a chance at love.

2. Who is the author of «Convincing the Alpha»?
Answer: The author of «Convincing the Alpha» is C.W. Gray.

3. What is Max’s profession in «Convincing the Alpha»?
Answer: Max works as a pastry chef in Hobson Hills.

4. Who is the alpha sheriff that Max is trying to win over in «Convincing the Alpha»?
Answer: The alpha sheriff’s name is Sawyer.

5. What is the main conflict in «Convincing the Alpha»?
Answer: The main conflict in «Convincing the Alpha» is the fact that Sawyer doesn’t seem interested in Max romantically, and Max needs to convince him that they would be a good match.

6. Are there any other characters in «Convincing the Alpha» besides Max and Sawyer?
Answer: Yes, there are other characters in the book, including Max’s friends and co-workers in the bakery, as well as some of the other residents of Hobson Hills.

7. Is «Convincing the Alpha» a standalone book, or do you need to read the other books in the series first?
Answer: «Convincing the Alpha» is part of a larger series, but it can be read on its own without too much difficulty.

8. Is «Convincing the Alpha» a romance novel?
Answer: Yes, «Convincing the Alpha» is a romance novel that focuses on the relationship between Max and Sawyer.

9. Are there any supernatural elements in «Convincing the Alpha»?
Answer: Yes, «Convincing the Alpha» features a world in which shifters exist and have their own society and traditions.

10. Do Max and Sawyer get together in «Convincing the Alpha»?
Answer: You’ll have to read the book to find out!

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