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martes, marzo 25, 2014

«A Vibrant Novel that leads us straight into the Abyss of Evil. Those obsessed with Lovecraft’s work will love it to death!»Juan Gómez-Jurado, #1 Bestselling Author

More than 100.000 copies sold all around the world.

Lovecraft´s Necronomicon History.
Fabulous and haunting novel about the search for the Necronomicon, the mysterious book emerged from the imagination of Lovecraft. A thrilling history, which travels from the past to the present to narrate the vicissitudes of the original manuscript over the centuries.
Is there really the Necronomicon? Who is the possessor of the book mysterious? What happens to those who dare to read it?

«Searching for the Necronomicon» is the most fascinating novel of 2014.
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