‘THE TAXIDERMIST’ #Kindle #Nook #iTunes

The 'THE TAXIDERMIST' #Kindle #Nook #iTunes

lunes, marzo 16, 2015


Enrique, a curious teenager, meets José, an old taxidermist who is retired from all activity and lives in near isolation. Between the two of them a solid friendship grows.

The taxidermist

teaches the youth the art of preserving animals, but also other, no lesser aspects of life.

Soon, this friendly relationship will find an obstacle. 

Enrique is on the verge of revealing a dark secret José has zealously kept for years….
A short, intense novella that leaves an aftertaste that is hard to forget.

The atmosphere steadily grips the reader and the two characters will seduce both young adults and adults alike.

The passion for a certain art, the devotion for the master and the complex secrets of the mind,

cleverly mixed in a story that has already ensnared thousands of readers around the world.

Mystery, art, love, personal development and deep reflections…

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